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Family Support

In every family there are times when life can be a tough. Either tough for a family as a whole, or a challenge for an individual child. At Hazlewood Primary School, we pride ourselves on supporting the whole child and this includes their family, particularly during tough times.

  • It could be that a family member is unwell, there has been a family separation or there could be financial hardship causing pressure within the family.
  • A child could be struggling with friendships in or out of school, with ill health or lacking in confidence.
  • Often in families it can also be a challenge setting appropriate boundaries, following through with these and enforcing routines.
  • In the early years you may experience many issues you would like support with such as, toileting, diet, sleeping and feeding.
  • Perhaps you or your child is struggling to ensure their attendance is acceptable. 

If you, your family or your child would like someone to talk to or some support, then please come in and talk to us. At Hazlewood we aim to actively support our children and families on a daily basis, please make an appointment for a chat, we can also sign post you to other agencies for support if and when appropriate.