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Sports Premium

Sports Premium Allocation 2016-2017

In 2016-2017 our School’s allocated Sports Premium is £8560.

Spending to date:

Free after school club coaching:
Access Coaching;
LP Dance in Education.

An outdoor performance auditorium with soft rubber surface.

Maintain and replace equipment.

Staff CPD (Early Years).

Future Spending:

Sports week (Beginning of July) Provide free after school clubs Staff CPD Transport to sporting events.

The Impact of PE Premium 2015-2016

School achieved the bronze level of the Sainsbury’s School Games Mark in recognition for all the work with P.E. and after school clubs. This is an annual award and we are hoping to gain the silver level in the summer (2016).

School Festivals and Tournaments

Since Autumn 2015 to July 2016:

Key Stage 1 – 100% attendance for infant agility festival
Key Stage 2 – 100% attendance for family festivals at Seaton Burn and including a variety of sports e.g. netball, hockey, rounders, skipping and rugby. Additionally at Whitley Bay Playhouse KS2 dance festival 28% participation.

All costs for the above events were funded by the PE Premium.

Club Participation

These figures are based on participation Autumn 2015 to July 2016.


Term Club Year Group Key Stage Participation Number of children
Autumn 1 Dodgeball KS1 48% 21
Autumn 1 Netball KS2 28% 20
Autumn 2 Multi-Skills R 54% 19
Autumn 2 Tag Rugby KS2 28% 20
Spring 1 Basketball & Football KS1 45% 20
Spring 1 NUFC KS2 21% 15
Spring 1&2 Dance KS2 28% 20
Spring 2 Dodgeball KS2 33% 25
Spring 2 Basketball & Football R 51% 20
Summer 1 Basketball KS2 29% 22
Summer 1 Athletics KS1 48% 19
Summer 2 Athletics R 62% 24
Summer 2 Cricket KS2 24% 18

NB – NUFC’s participation numbers were dramatically limited as only 15 places were available due to restriction/H&S/ insurance of the coach. (This club was oversubscribed as 30 children wanted to participate.)

All costs for the above clubs were funded by the PE Premium.

Sports Leadership

During autumn term 2015 all year 6 pupils embarked on sports leadership training. This culminated in them devising and then running a lesson for year 2. From this the year 6 children then ran playtime activities across all key stages across the year.

Staff CPD and resources

Staff have engaged in CPD and resources are regularly updated.
All costs for the above clubs were funded by the PE Premium.

Sports week 2016

During our annual sports week the children across school took part ina range of activities. These included fencing, athletics, tennis, handball and multi-skills. All of the above were provided by an outside agency with staff working alongside for CPD.
All costs for the above clubs were funded by the PE Premium.

Future Plans

  • To achieve silver level for School Games Mark
  • Build upon and develop more after school clubs which will be funded by the PE Premium
  • To further develop Sports week with a variety of outside agencies which will be funded by the PE Premium
  • To develop outdoor space for physical activity using PE Premium funding

The Impact of PE Premium 2014-2015

The purpose of the funding

Our rationale for the use of Sports Premium funding, which the Governors have agreed, are that it must be used so that:

  • All children benefit regardless of sporting ability.
  • The children are given the opportunity to compete in tournaments and festivals with other schools.
  • Staff has access to training opportunities and continued professional development.
  • Some activities may be subsidised so that pupils do not miss out due to financial constraints.
  • We continue to make use of collaboratives and partnerships.

Summary of actions and outcomes at Hazlewood

With the above rationale in mind, and following the guidelines for how to spend this money, our initial plans for the use of the Sports Premium funding include:

Investment in the professional development of staff at our school so they are best equipped to teach high quality Physical Education and school sport for years to come. This will include providing cover to release staff for professional development in PE and sport.

Mr Ayres, from Seaton Burn College, has worked with all classes and teachers, detailed below, to develop their own PE skills and knowledge linked to working schemes of work.

Class Term PE Focus
Year 6 Autumn 1 Sports Leaders
Year 2 Autumn 2 Team sports
Reception Spring 1 Gymnastics
Year 4/5 Spring 2 Invasion games
Year 1 Summer 1 Games
Year 3/4 Summer 2 Athletics

School Festivals and Tournaments

Since autumn 2014 to date every child from year 2 up to and including year 6 have attended at least one sporting events and represented Hazlewood. This equals 81% of the school population. The P.E. Premium has funded the transport to and from these events.

Club Participation

These figures are based on participation since autumn 2014.


Term Club Year Group Key Stage Participation Number of children
Autumn 1 Multi- Skills 1&2 47% 18
Autumn 1 Netball 3-6 34% 24
Autumn 2 Cheerleading 1&2 42% 16
Autumn 2 Judo 3-6 37% 26
Spring 1 Basketball R, 1 & 2 40% 25
Spring 1 Handball 3-6 30% 21
Spring 1&2 Dance 3-6 33% 23
Spring 2 Skipping 3-6 30% 20
Spring 2 Multi- Sports R, 1 & 2 48% 30
Summer 1 Football 1&2 21% 15
Summer 1 Multi-Sports 3-6 21% 15
Summer 2 Athletics R, 1 & 2 51% 32
Summer 2 Cricket 3-6 33% 23

All children have access to the newly purchased resources which enable school to offer access to new sports and physical activities as relevant.

All classes use Cybercoaching, an online resource, used throughout the school as part of or in addition to PE lessons.

Tracking all PE pupil progress throughout school.
A very successful Sports Week with ALL children (nursery from year 6) participating in a range of sports with outside coaches.

Future Action

Build upon the success of this year and provide an ever growing range of after school clubs throughout the next academic year for reception up to year 6.

Continue to develop school participation in competition, in partnership with Seaton Burn College and outside agencies.

Attain National recognition for Hazlewood’s commitment to PE and sport by applying for the Schools Games Mark.