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Sports Premium



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School focus on clarity on intended impact on children

Actions to achieve

Funding allocated

Evidence and impact

Sustainability and suggested next steps

Key indicator 1: Engagement of all pupils in regular physical activity.

Introduce ‘Daily Mile’ to get all pupils undertaking at least 15 minutes of additional activity per day.

  1. Identify course for daily mile.
  2. Contact appropriate companies
  3. To be initially carried out by KS2 children Summer Term 2018
  4. KS1 children to have a Daily Mile week
  5. ALL children to be

completing Daily Mile (Rec- Y6) by Autumn 2018

£1000 for markings and resources

  1. ALL pupils involved in 15 minutes of additional activity every day.
  2. -Pupils are more active in P.E lessons – take part without stopping to rest.
  3. -Attitudes to learning improved – better concentration in


‘Daily Mile’ firmly embedded in school day.

Develop/carry out training for young leaders in KS2 to carry out playground activities during lunchtimes – for both KS1 and KS2 yard

  1. Identify area in KS1 hard for Play leaders to deliver sessions
  2. Ensure that there is enough and appropriate equipment for play leaders to use.
  3. To make sure all children participate in Play/Young leader Programme.

North East Skills training in sports leadership and outdoor and adventurous activities. 2 sessions per week at a cost of £2530 across the Spring and Summer terms.
Access coaching lunch time coaching £1800 (3 session per week)

  1. Children to be given additional opportunities to be active throughout the day.
  2. KS2 children opportunity to plan games and raise profile of sport across school.

Children will have received the appropriate training and be able to deliver play leader sessions to KS1.
Children will also be able to work alongside year 5 in the summer term to prepare and train them for becoming and delivering sessions as a play leader in Year 6.


Key indicator 2: The profile of PE and Sport being raised across the whole school as a tool for improvement.

Sports Reporters in assembly to celebrate any sporting achievements.

Year 6 children to write Sports reports and give out awards for any sporting achievements.


-To celebrate the importance of P.E and the positive impact it is having on the children at school

All children have the opportunity to become sports reporters in Year 6.

Notice boards near main entrance to raise the profile of PE and Sport in School for all children, parents and visitors.

  1. Each year group to update display every half- term
  2. Display space available for key notices, children’s Sports Reports and news from Festivals etc.
  3. Clubs KS1 and KS2


-To celebrate the importance of P.E and the positive impact it is having on the children at school
-To encourage all children to get involved – writing reports/ attending clubs etc

Staff will update notice board regularly.

Key indicator 3: Increased knowledge, confidence and skills of all staff teaching PE.

In order to improve progress and achievement of all pupils the focus is on up- skilling the staff.

  1. CPD Dance wow day
  2. Teachers to attend CPD on Dance (as requested)
  3. LP Dance Scheme of

Work Purchased

  1. Identify local centres that are running courses.
  2. Ensure all identified staff are enrolled.
  3. Establish dates when cover is required and appoint cover staff

Dance Scheme of Work purchased at a cost of £810

Dance WOW day CPD £300

  1. KS1 staff had noted that some additional training in Dance would be beneficial
  2. Increased confidence in delivering lessons in Dance

KS1/ KS2 staff to be given opportunities to go to additional CPD events to develop their confidence in delivering P.E sessions

All staff to be trained using SeeSaw or similar app to enhance assessment / evidence of P.E.

Employment of an apprentice PE teaching

  1. Decide on app or assessment method
  2. Deliver training or invite external agencies in to deliver training to all staff in a staff meeting

SeeSaw - £0


Apprentice PE teaching assistant (To start in September 2018) £6800

  1. Staff to feel more confident in assessing P.E from EYFS – KS2
  2. Progress to be tracked consistently across the school

Staff will continue to have training on how to use Seesaw.


assistant to support with PE across the school.



- Evidence of children’s work across the year and across their time at school


Key indicator 4: Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all children

Invite and use external agencies to deliver a range of sports and activities to all children.

-Use outside agencies such as Access coaching, LP Dance, North East Skills Training and Seaton Burn Cricket Club who offer a variety of sporting activities.
- Arrange timetables for children to receive a range of sports and activities


  1. -Attitudes to learning improved – better concentration in lessons
  2. Children will experience a broad range of activities.
  3. Higher level of participation in lessons from


All children will have received high quality PE lessons and staff will also use this as part of their CPD to support their delivery of similar lessons in the future.
Staff will receive lesson plans from outside agencies to support any
future teaching.

A range of clubs offered to all children in KS1 and KS2

Friday Music lunch time club in KS1 and KS2 Yard (Summer Term)

-Use outside agencies such as Access coaching, LP Dance, Access Coaching, Seaton Burn Cricket Club to Deliver clubs.
- Ask children what clubs they would like to participate in? Would they be more interested in a before or after school club? All children to be offered sessions free of charge

After school coaching sessions £1000

£500 for the purchase of outdoor speakers and music.

  1. Increased participation in all clubs.
  2. All children will have the opportunity to participate in Dance Friday

All children have had the opportunity to participate in a variety of clubs before, during and after school.


Key indicator 5: Increased participation in competitive sport.


Children in KS1 and KS2 to


-Increased participation in

To make sure as many


participate in Festivals for


competitions and festivals in

children have an


example the North Tyneside

Skipping School £250

KS1 and KS2.

opportunity to participate


Dance and Skipping


- Children will develop skills

in competition as


Festivals. Cricket and


that they can take with

sometimes number of


Athletics festivals.


them to High School where

children who attend can




competitive sports are more

be limited.






North Tyneside SLA

Children in KS1 and KS2 to


-Increased participation in

To make sure as many


participate in Festivals at a


competitions and festivals in

children have an


competitive level with other


KS1 and KS2.

opportunity to participate


Schools in North Tyneside.


- KS1 children will begin to

in competition as




integrate and meet other

sometimes number of




children from other schools

children who attend can





be limited.


Sports Premium Allocation 2016-2017

In 2016-2017 our School’s allocated Sports Premium is £8560.

Spending to date:

Free after school club coaching: 
Access Coaching; 
LP Dance in Education. 

An outdoor performance auditorium with soft rubber surface. 

Maintain and replace equipment. 

Staff CPD (Early Years). 

Future Spending:

Sports week (Beginning of July) Provide free after school clubs Staff CPD Transport to sporting events.